Our Public Art Piece
We are delighted to have a piece of public art on our building!

Art Speaks Louder Than Words

Our Art Piece

We are delighted to have a piece of public art on our building! Artist Scott Sueme created ARC Mural 2014 in coordination with the Edmonton Arts Council.

Vancouver artist Scott Sueme is well-known for his geometric works which reference his background as a graffiti or street artist. His vision for the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre was rooted in this aesthetic and further refined by input from community members at a weekend workshop held in February 2014.

He writes: “I wanted to reference some of the patterns created by the community members during the seminar, but rather than collaging multiple submissions of pattern design, I decided to simplify and reduce this idea to something I saw recurring in the submissions. The use of ‘Stripes’ or bands represent a commonality amongst one another That together we are all part of a uniform direction, or a common goal. This idea is then contrasted with the use of colour to highlight a sense of individuality.

The focal point of the piece is a word piece that reads ‘ARC’ done in a minimal graffiti style. With this aspect of the artwork I wanted to instill the message that graffiti can be more associated with design and craft as opposed to its potential negative associations, ego, violence, etc. I felt as though the community was truly passionate about graffiti as a culture and creative outlet, and through the artwork, we can set an example and portray graffiti in its distilled tradition of craft, design, and positivity.”

More information about the piece, and the Edmonton Arts Council, can be found here.